Retail investors will hear  - live - great investment opportunities, from both established and growth companies

First and foremost, retail investors will hear  - in real-time - both new and proven opportunities for expanding their portfolios.

Presenting companies are putting their CEOs front and center for you to hear their vision, demonstrate their track records and prove their value. You will be able to ask direct questions to executives and receive the most up-to-date investor materials. 

A public company's participation at R
etail Investor is a serious commitment to transparency by a presenting company. They want to engage – and enhance their trust – with you for mutual benefit.

A note on privacy: Retail Investor is a secure portal. Registration is required and your opt-in participation information will be shared ONLY with the presenting and exhibiting companies. No other group or organization will receive your information. Also, once you log-on, you will not need to   log-in the following months.

After you watch and listen to a company presentation, you will be "electronically escorted" to the company's exhibit booth where you can continue real-time chatting with senior executives, watch video presentations and download investor kits and other materials.



Individual investor participation is particularly important for small capitalization companies.

Almost all large institutional investors are confined to making investments in large cap corporations. Either their own charters or government regulations limit their ability to buy stock in small companies because of minimum size and maximum ownership requirements. Moreover, most small cap stocks have thin floats, so any attempt to buy a significant number of shares in a small cap company could move the price of that stock higher instantly, making such investment no longer attractive. Because institutions own only a small percentage of the stock of small cap corporations, retail investors are important for the survival of many of these firms.”


A Requiem for the Retail Investor. (PDF)

Virginia Law Review, May 2009

Alicia Davis Evans

Law Professor at the University of Michigan